MLB, Starz, Sprint and British Gas rely on Zeta to connect with their connected customers.

Everything you need to Acquire, Retain and Grow customer relationships

Zeta helps marketers message more efficiently with existing customers and prospects. Zeta's customer relationship marketing solution creates data-driven, omni-channel programs that are elevated by machine-learning driven personalization. This 1:1 marketing at scale is enabled by robust data management capabilities. With the ability to synthesize disparate data sets into a single view of the customer, Zeta's data services enable personalization at every touchpoint and every micro-moment.

SaaS-based Multichannel Marketing Platform

Award Winning Client and Agency Services

Highly Scalable, Configurable Database


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Acquisition Solutions:

Using AI to Meet Your Customer Acquisition Goals

Zeta helps marketers acquire more customers at scale and within ROI targets. Fueled by a massive proprietary database of more than 400 million profiles enriched with behavioral, transactional and environmental data, and made actionable by Zeta AI, Zeta’s customer acquisition solutions deliver returns far superior to alternative solutions.

CRM Solutions:

Helping to Solve Your Most Complex Marketing Problems

Zeta’s tailored offerings deliver comprehensive, end-to-end solutions designed to retain and grow customers for established and emerging brands alike. Created with enterprise B2C marketers in mind, Zeta offers an intuitive solution to your upsell, cross-sell, and reactivation challenges.


Zeta Technology

Orchestrating Multichannel Communications

Zeta facilitates seamless multi-channel, bi-directional dialogue with customers and prospects across email platforms, mobile devices, social media, call center interactions, webstore activity, search and survey results, and more.

"The solution is user friendly and more than capable. We loved their reporting, analytics and product recommendations. Analysis details how well each product recommendation performed and the revenue that it generated. Marketers seeking scale, Everychannel capabilities, follow-the-sun tenured services and innovation should be sure to give Zeta Global strong consideration." 

- The Relevancy Group

Zeta Technology

CX Services

Better experience leads to better results.

ZetaCX is an innovative approach to help marketers optimize the Customer Experience. Using a proprietary methodology and unique set of tools, the Zeta customer experience team identifies the micro-moments that matter, designs omni-channel programs to maximize the impact of those moments and build dashboards to track and improve performance. At Zeta, we build integrated, cross-functional teams committed to understanding your business, your audience, and your program – inside and out.