ZetaCRM Technology

Zeta’s next generation marketing technology platform puts machine learning at its core. With our pioneering technology, it’s easier than ever for marketers to identify, engage, and drive desired actions from the Connected Consumer. Zeta synthesizes disparate marketing avenues, like email and social media, into one unified console, enabling seamless integration of people-based data, with personalized messaging at every touchpoint. Harness Zeta’s granular reporting for insights that are guaranteed to optimize performance and increase ROI.

Digital Marketing Hub

  • Single Dashboard
  • Campaign Management
  • Intelligence/DMP

Next Gen Technology

  • Real time messaging
  • Modern and intuitive UI/UX
  • Machine learning modules


Engage your customers anywhere, anytime.

Build robust and cohesive cross-channel dialogues to keep customers engaged. Utilize disparate marketing avenues, from email to SMS, social media and display advertising, to connect with prospective clients and existing customers alike. Schedule sophisticated wave or drip campaigns, or embed triggers to send individual messages in seconds. Zeta’s unique technology lets you match your marketing initiatives to customer context—every single time.

Zeta Data Management

Enterprise marketing teams around the world rely on Zeta technology to deliver targeted, high-quality marketing that consistently engages customers across channels for improved business results.

Central to the Zeta solution is the database, where our experts merge your data, website, and app behavioral data, as well as all social media and email interactions, point-of-sale data, transaction histories, and more—all into one comprehensive portrait. Combine data from any number of disparate sources for actionable, 360-degree views of every single customer.

Using proprietary technology, Zeta stages company data, applies data hygiene, and performs identity matching. The result is a highly secure, readily available platform with Application Programming Interface (API) support for sub-seven second delivery with astounding scalability.